English Country Dance

The Center Charlottesville

English Country Dance

491 Hillsdale Drive

From route 29 turn onto Greenbrier Drive then turn Right onto Hillsdale Drive 

 The Center is on the left

New in 2020

Callers Workshop 1:30

Guest Musicians and Callers

Larry Wegehaupt: guitar

Rya Martin: piano

Jack Maus: calling

David Adams: Recorder

About Us


  • We dance for joy
  • We dance for exercise
  • We dance to challenge our brains
  • We dance to be social
  • We dance because it is FUN

English Country Dance

Caller's Workshop January

Introductory Lesson

The Walk Through


Dance Videos

So simple yet so elegant

Inclement Weather

The Center



ECD Member Musicians

Bill:         fiddle 

Judith:     piano 

Larry:      guitar

January 19

Birthday Pot Luck Party

Join us in wishing Peter


The Center at Belvedere

540 Belvedere Boulevard

Projected opening date

April 5


What is English Country Dance?

 English Country Dance (ECD)

  • ECD is done in long lines, circles, or squares with a partner beside or opposite you.    
  • In a longways dance (long lines), partners join a line of couples and take “hands four” to create groups of 2 couples all the way down the line.  
  • A caller will teach a series of moves while dancers walk through the dance pattern.
  • With the music and the pattern being called, partners dance first with one couple and then the next progressing up and down the line.  
  • ECD is easy to learn with simple dances for beginners and complicated dances for experienced dancers
  • English Country Dance is a wonderfully fun social activity enjoyed by all ages.

English Country Dance basic steps

  • Set: step right and back to the left
  • Side: walk up to your partners side and back
  • Turn Single: walk around in circle by yourself
  • Up a double: walk forward a few steps
  • One, Two, Four hand turn: Walk in a circle with others

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